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President TBD

Vice President TBD

Board Member - Secretary Victoria Dames

Board Member Patrick Daly

Board Member Shannon Adams

Board Member - Volunteers/Dibs Jennifer McNattin

Board Member - Tournament Director Stephanie Eberbard

Board Member - Social Media Sara Barney

Board Member - Treasurer Mathew Dames

Board Member - Coach/Parent/Player Liaison Bradd Soutor


St Paul North Area/Rookies Fastpitch is a volunteer organization. As such, it is only as strong as the individuals who donate their time to its success. In this context, we are not paid professionals, but rather moms and dads, players and former players, coaches and community members and leaders, who believe that strong youth programs develop strong individual character and strong communities.

Our main goal is to teach the skills and impart the knowledge necessary to successfully play fastpitch softball. We provide an opportunity to play at a competitive level. Through quality instruction and competition, our goal is to help develop every player’s love for the sport and prepare athletes for participation at the high school level.

We expect coaches and players to work hard and have a positive attitude. In addition to working hard, we want girls to have fun. This happens, in large part, by providing a supportive environment in which we understand and appreciate that everyone involved is always learning – learning to be better players, better parents, better coaches, better umpires, and better organizations.

St Paul North Area/Rookies welcomes input from anyone interested in making us stronger. Board meetings provide an open forum for discussion and are generally held once or twice a month, depending on the time of year. Contact us if you are interested in getting involved.

We strive to keep negativity to a minimum and encourage problem solving through effective communication. If you have questions or concerns, let someone know. Talk to your daughter’s coach (at an appropriate time), come to a meeting, or consider getting involved at an organizational level by becoming a team manager, coach, or board member. 

We look forward to many more fun and rewarding seasons!

St Paul North Area/Rookies Fastpitch Association and Board

SPNAR Sportsmanship testimonial

Here is an email one of our 2017 SPNAR 14 Red coaches received from the coach of the Oswego Outlaws (Oswego, IL) after playing against them for their first game of the NAFA Nationals, July 2017...


So great to meet you, your team and your Coaches.

I'd play your team every day of the week. Extremely equally matched and everyone is wonderful!

Maggie stayed after to help 5 of our girls with slapping fundamentals, then said she'd answer any questions we have. Stuff like that never happens in our neck of the woods.

You and your entire crew are first class, all the way through your parents.  

Extremely thankful we had the opportunity to meet and SPNAR Red is officially my second favorite team.

I wish you all the best this weekend.

Thank you again!

St Paul North Area / Rookies
PO Box 4658
St Paul MN 55104-0658