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St. Paul North Area / Rookies Softball Tryouts Safety Protocol

St. Paul North Area / Rookies Softball Tryouts Safety Protocol


The safety of our players and staff is most important. Each of us play an important role in reducing the risk of infection during the softball experience. Please note that things are ever changing and this document will continue to be updated.


Field Capacity, Limitations, and Participant Responsibility


SPNAR Softball will follow the guidelines set forth by the State of Minnesota with regard to the number of individuals gathered at a given time. SPNAR softball will have a maximum of 25 people, including coaches, at our outdoor field training areas (Battle Creek Rec. Center fields 1, 2, 3, 5, and outdoor batting cages). We will use markers to indicate a 7-foot distance between individuals and will also mark a single direction of traffic allowing for separate entrances and exits to areas intended for use.


  • Players will register for tryout sessions in advance so they will not need to register on the day of the tryouts.  Tryout sessions will be staggered in order to reduce congestion at the start and end. 

  • Tryout drills will keep players a minimum of 6 feet apart.

  • We will require that parents stay in their cars if they wish to stay and watch. All of the players will need to return to their car at the end of the session. Players and parents should not congregate at the start or end of the tryout sessions. Players from different households should make every effort to not transport to or from practice sessions together. 

  • If anyone who participates in the SPNAR tryouts, coach or athlete, is diagnosed with Covid-19, they should immediately contact a SPNAR board member through or through their contact information listed on and follow proper health care procedures including quarantining. Athletes and coaches need written, signed clearance from their health care professional to resume activity after a Covid-19 diagnosis. 

  • If anyone who participates with SPNAR Softball, coach or athlete, has a person in their home diagnosed with Covid-19, they must follow proper health care procedures for quarantining. 

  • Due to the large space of play, we are confident we can maintain proper social distancing at the practice field and batting cage area. In addition, anticipated numbers are much less than the 25 person maximum for outdoor training in a pod.

  • All huddles and coaching will occur at a minimum of 6 feet distance between everyone. 

  • No high fives, fist bumps, or other physical contact.

  • No gum or sunflower seeds. 

  • Masks will be required during the taking of temperature. They will not be required at the field but are encouraged during the set-up/pick-up times. Batting or cleaning gloves will be used during these times. Social distancing of 6 feet will be maintained during these times as well.

  • Players will need to bring their own water and not share with others. 

  • Players and coaches will bring their own hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer or hand washing  will be conducted publicly at the beginning and end of the practice sessions. Additional hand sanitizer will be available for use for anyone that may have forgotten it that day. Hand washing or hand sanitizer use will be encouraged during the session as well.

  • The inside facilities of the Battle Creek Recreation center will not be open for use during the tryouts.  There will be two portable restrooms available for participants to use. 


Symptom Assessment

  • SPNAR will have digital thermometers that we will use to screen all players, coaches, and staff before they start practice. The screener and the person being screened will both wear a mask during the taking of the temperature. The thermometers are non-contact and a player may be rechecked if they test red. We understand that some environmental conditions can alter a true temperature reading. Only individuals with a temperature lower than 99.5 will be allowed to practice. 

  • Players, coaches, and staff will indicate that they have been cold/flu/Covid-19 symptom free for 3 days prior to participating. 


Equipment Spacing and Disinfecting Information

  • Virus-killing disinfectant guidelines  by the CDC will be used. Either EPA-approved disinfectants can be used or alternative disinfectants (for example 1/3 cup of bleach added to 1 gallon of water or 70% alcohol solutions). Players and coaches will wipe down equipment at each practice session. This includes high touch point areas.

  • Single use cleaning gloves will be provided for disinfecting equipment and high touch point areas with instruction in proper removal. 

  • Players will need to bring their own batting gloves and use these for all batting stations. No sharing of helmets will be allowed. If SPNAR catching gear or face masks are used, they will not be shared within a day and will be disinfected after each session. 

  • Players will be separated and told to place bags at the designated foul areas, marked at 7-feet apart.